Ursuline Tales 02: Mind Fuck

Date: September 11th, 2016

Previously on PZ: From Pieces To Weight: The Senses Of Valentine's Syncretism

Previously on URSULINE TALES: Ursuline Tales 01: Invasion



Ursula’s Lair, on Pangaea’s ocean floor.

Deep beneath the surface of the sea, where there was no light to be had except for the luminescent creatures slinking around the depths, was where the mermaids roamed in packs. Ursula watched them from her chamber window as they swam gracefully around her mechanical fortress teeming with curiosity. They looked nothing like the frightening mermaids of her homeland of Rakehell; rather, the mermaids of Earth had exquisite human faces and iridescent scales. But Ursula knew they were deadly creatures, capable of bringing death to humans with little more than a beautiful song. Beautiful, but nevertheless fatal. She felt akin to them in that respect, and continued gazing upon them with admiration, mindlessly fumbling with her own fingers as her mind wandered off far away.

She could not cease thinking about the black man she was unable to destroy during her invasion of Earth; nor could she drive out the scent of his sweat or the fire of his eyes from her mind. Where did he come from? Who was he really? Suddenly she became aware of her second-in-command’s presence in the doorway of her chamber, and her mind returned to her physical surroundings.

“Enter, Caina.”

In walked the proud and austere Caina Magdalena, a Marsian of slight stature yet great prominence. She loved Ursula with all of her heart, and had ever since the very first day of her apprenticeship with the legendary sorceress. She longed to see for herself the man of black flesh who was created by some other God, the man who had recently captured her beloved Empress’ attention. Although Ursula was reticent with all others, with her Marsian deputy she often revealed her deepest thoughts; however now she was violently reluctant to speak of the black man and her reasons for withdrawing the Marsian assault. Caina believed the two things to be connected but could not discover their link - not even her lovemaking with Ursula was the same since the opening attack. But now was not the time for questions or answers, and so she knelt before her mistress with a mask over her heart, proceeding as usual as if nothing particular were on her mind.

“My Lady, the Earth moon is entirely invisible to the humans tonight. The time has come for your communion with our Lord and Master.”

Ursula nodded in agreement, although secretly her heart was heavy. This was a part of the pact she had made with Him, and the sustainment of her life force depended upon these sessions of meditation with The Beast. She received the outstretched hand of her apprentice and allowed herself to be escorted into a secret and holy chamber, where the sacred pool of black water lay dormant in the center of the room. A chill flowed through Ursula’s spine every time she approached the edge of the pool - usually she was coming out of it, not going into it - yet she cast off her silken robes with a mask over her heart, proceeding with the ritual as if nothing particular were on her mind.

Upon the surface of the water she walked, and she summoned the liquid to rise all about her, until she became encased within a translucent sphere of fluid. Caina took her place beside a massive harp, and began to strum a soft, unholy melody upon its strings, a resonance signal upon which her Empress could always rely. Within her watery womb Ursula fell into a deep meditative trance, and awoke in the midst of the meeting-place where she arrived with the new moon to fulfill her sexual duty to The Beast… a place known as World’s End.

Every time she awoke in the same position- lying recumbent upon the same altar of stone, staring at the same binary star system above her, but adorned this time in a flowing scarlet gown instead of an ebony one. It seemed strange to her, but it was hardly noticeable at the time. On an asteroid floating through space, there was no sound to be heard except for silence and the strumming of the sacred harp, which Ursula could always hear in the distance. As she sat up and examined her immediate surroundings, something felt different about the usual black vegetation and bleeding red blooms surrounding the altar of stone. The Beast was nowhere to be seen. He was not waiting for her in an animal form, ready and eager to channel his insatiable lust as soon as she awoke. She descended from the altar and down the same flight of stairs, until she reached the ballroom level from where the harp’s ethereal music originated. In this dimension the harp was played upon by an unholy pair of hands without attachment to any sort of body, but she knew the same melody was being resonated by Caina in the dimension from which she had arrived. Many of the usual things were there… the bed with silken sheets, the sumptuous feast, the sacred harp, the blackwater falls… The Beast had yet to make His appearance, but she could sense His omnipresence, and it made anxiety run rampant within her heart. Her strength felt as though it were slowly draining, though she did not know why. She stood at the balustrade and turned her gaze to the stars in an effort to compose herself as the panic of an unsettling fact flowed through her mind: I will die here if He does not come for me, and soon.

The stars blithely twinkled, and there was nothing but silence as Ursula stood alone with this thought. The cosmos offered her no comfort. She clenched the railing firmly, to feel the lovely sensation of her knuckles becoming tight- and she felt a sudden prick upon her finger as she squeezed a hidden sharp edge. She casually examined a drop of viridian blood which oozed from her fingertip- which normally would have healed in a matter of seconds, yet the wound remained. Her time was running out faster.

“The mermaids of Earth are some lovely creatures, aren’t they? Beautiful, but nevertheless fatal.”

His voice came from behind her, unexpectedly, and Ursula found it difficult to catch her breath as she whirled around to face The Beast in his humanoid form. He merely smirked at her, holding a dark bottle in one hand and a wine glass in the other, as if He had been standing beside her the entire time.

“My Lord!” Ursula gasped, pressing her hand to her chest as she suddenly felt a shooting pain emanating from her heart. “Forgive me, I-”

“They are quite deadly creatures, capable of bringing death to humans with little more than a beautiful song,” The Beast continued, casually pouring wine into the glass before offering it to Ursula. There was a twinkle of menace in His eye even as He simpered, “Perhaps I should have called upon them to invade the humans instead of you.”

It was then that she realized the scope of her peril. By refusing to take her The Beast was purposefully accelerating her deterioration of health, yet Ursula had no choice but to take the wine glass from Him and sip at the contents therein even as she endured worsening pain. She couldn’t be sure that the wine was not poisoned, but to make Him command her to drink it would have been a crime punishable by torture. After her first sip The Beast turned His back to her and commanded her to follow Him into a fantastic cemetery she had never known existed on the asteroid before.

“If My forgiveness is what you seek, Empress of the Dark, then I suggest you explain your cessation of attack. At your most glorious hour you stopped and retreated to the depths of the Earth, and what for?”

“There was no reason for me to retreat, m’Lord, I simply needed to reappraise the situation. I have encountered an anomaly. There is a shadow-being not of Your creation… and he is now leading the human resistance.”

“Indeed, but not for long. Soon he will become our ally. You can persuade him easily, I am sure.”

“What makes you certain I can turn him easily, m’Lord? I have destroyed all that he holds as precious in the world.” Ursula struggled to keep a stoic pace with The Beast as her health waned and her composure began to crumble. She dared not leave even a drop of the liquid her Master had poured for her in her glass, and so she continued to sip the wine.

“You are entangled with him. There is a fire in your soul that was kindled by him, not by Me. He has moved you… and you shall do the same for him.”

“I… do not understand what you mean. I feel nothing for him.”

“You may play coy with your army, Empress, as you must save face within their eyes; however, you must always remember that your deepest urges are utterly naked before Me at all times. The shadow-man will become your second-in-command only after you have tamed him of his wilderness.”

“How can this be? My apprentice is Caina, I cannot take another.”

“Caina has become quite proficient with machines beneath your watchful eye, Sorceress- in fact, I may have for her another request, depending upon the outcomes of your next move. If the shadow-man is truly leading the humans, then he shall be more than your slave- he shall become your equal.”

Ursula choked upon the wine and began to cough violently until she could walk no longer, leaning against a tombstone for support. Her glass fell to the ground and shattered, soaking the earth. The wine had been poisoned after all. To her horror she came to her knees and vomited blood into her own hands... although it was the color of it that truly shocked her. A Marsian’s blood is blue-green by nature, as her own had been all of her demonic life; but now her own blood was a hue of scarlet just like the humans’ she had slaughtered. The Beast turned, grinning, and locked eyes with her, as if to affirm He was keeping a terrible secret.

“What have you done to me?!” she screamed, gesturing desperately with her hands. “What do you mean we are entangled?”

“Your fates are sealed in blood: his blood is your blood now, and shall remain until his dying day, when you will cease to be as well.”

Ursula shook her head in despair. “My Lord, I am dying now.”

“Yes. And what a beautiful death it is.”

Ursula could no longer contain her anguish, and saltwater tears began to stream down her face, just like a human. “This I cannot bear… I cannot be tied to this man. Please, just allow me to kill him.”

The Beast pulled Ursula to her feet by her throat, glaring at her with maddening eyes. “I’ll not say it again: your fates are sealed in blood, Ursula. If he dies, you will die, and you know exactly what that means. The pool will not bring you back. You have a very important mission to attend to, and I suggest you attend to it while the planet is still yours to invade.”

In her spirit-hand He forcefully placed a quill, and with His other hand He slit her wrist of flesh with His thumbnail. Vermillion blood leaked from the wound and dripped upon her gown, disappearing flawlessly into the scarlet fabric. So this is why the dress is red. He wants me to understand His power over me. She was now required to seal her own fate. The tip of the quill entered her vein, and she poised as if to sign a contract. Her new blood dripped from the tip of the quill and became a spectre in mid-air, disappearing within a nebulous mist of sinister laughter. Suddenly she was no longer dying, and was able to stand erect. Through the cloud she could see The Beast approaching her in one of His blackened forms- He was in the shape of a man, a human with black skin, but His face belonged to the shadow-man from the surface of the Earth.

Her eyes widened and her heart felt like it would burst within her chest as The Beast embraced her in the form of Alexzander Infinitus, kissing her deeply as she realized: He means to ravish me this way- how will I ever endure this?!

“You will endure it for Me, Ursula… and you will endure it magnificently.”

He wasted no time in mounting her upon Him, ripping open her skirts and lifting her by her buttocks, wrapping her legs around His powerful thighs. All at once He thrust Himself inside of her, and she could feel her full vitality returning to her as The Beast fucked her harder and harder. She dared not look into His eyes, but He demanded it, and she acquiesced, hating that black-skinned human more and more every time He lunged into her. I promise you, whoever you are, shadow-man, I will make you pay for whatever spell you cast upon me that made me weakened in your presence. You have stolen my heart from Him, and now I am the one who is paying for it. I will see you again, beautiful stranger. But whoever you are, I promise that next time, I will be ready for you…

Back on Earth in the fortress at the bottom of the sea, Caina noticed an unusual thing as she was strumming the harp. Her mistress’s hands were actually touching herself sensually as she dreamt, something she had never done before while consummating with The Beast. She wondered if it had anything to do with her Empress’s peculiar fascination with the shadow-man of Earth.


The City Of Eden, Pangaea.

There was an uncanny chill in the wind and no moon in the sky on the night that Alexzander was finally able to sleep without night terrors. It was also the third day after the mechanical meteor hit the temple and disappeared into the sea, the day the maelstrom left in its wake finally ceased to spin.

Since the opening attack of the demon sorceress & his subsequent kingship, the eyes & ears of every man, woman, and child of Eden were acutely tuned to his every move. Their voices were many & full of fright, pleading for miracles, desperately crowding his mind... which could never forget of the sorceress, or of the rage-filled love for her which he knew bubbled within him & would eventually rise to the surface. There weren’t enough words to explain to his people that he would eventually have to kill the woman he inexplicably loved, the murderess who took their families.

But now was not the time for thoughts of a vigilante's revenge. He was now a King, a ruler appointed to protect and to serve the people of Eden from a threat they had never known could exist. And they wanted to know how he would accomplish this. So when a council convened following the King’s coronation, Alexzander proceeded with a mask over his heart, terse & austere as usual as if nothing particular were on his mind.

He listened to the gathering of Eden’s most influential survivors-priests, crusaders, & merchants- speak in turn of the solution to combating the sorceress’s evil. He witnessed them ultimately arrive at a wretched impasse.

“The sorceress will return, and when she does, she will surely crush us all.”

"But we have the shadow-man on our side... surely she will not destroy him."

"Her machina is too strong! We cannot possibly survive against such a weapon. We are doomed."

"Then what shall we do? Give up and die without dignity? The sorceress must be destroyed, at any cost."

"At any cost, say you? What if our own destruction is the cost? We shall be wiped from the face of the Earth at any cost!"

"But she was unable to destroy the shadow-man... she must have a weakness!"

"How can we possibly defend ourselves against such evil?"

Alexzander was pensive, saying not one word the entire time. He listened to their voices, listened to the anger, the agony, and the uncertainty exhaled from their every breath. There was one resounding and unavoidable question on everyone's lips... what are we going to do next? He stood once he made up his mind that he had found the answer. The room became silent before he spoke. All eyes on him were attentive.

"Our Temple is gone, but Eden has not been destroyed completely. The sorceress will return, and she must be destroyed if it is our hope to remain upon the Earth. These advanced machina... these machines are created from the metal of another Goddess's planet... but we are not without our own planet, or our own Goddess. I do not know why I alone was spared from the wrath of evil, but I am certain that Her Grace meant to reveal the evil’s weakness to us, so that we may benefit. Thus we will prepare our bodies & minds for combat. When the sorceress returns, we will be ready for her... the wartime we have sensed & feared has now come to pass, and we must now learn to fight for all that we hold dear. Our Goddess will provide for us, and we will create our own machines of destruction."

There was wonder in all of their eyes, and many of them admired his valor. But some secretly believed in their hearts that he was being foolish. They believed the shadow-man did not deserve to be King at all. They did not believe in the Goddess anymore… not after all that had just happened. But they proceeded with masks over their hearts, as if these sorts of thoughts had never crossed their minds.

A beautiful room was lavishly prepared for Eden's first monarch, however he insisted upon camping on the ground within the ruins of the Temple. Only... when he slept there, he found there was hardly much solace to be had within that holy territory anymore. The sacred Tree had died, and was bringing him nightmares regarding its unholy death. So on the night of the new moon he dressed in disguise & moved on foot away from the City and towards the outer fringe, where he was finally able to sleep in peace upon the forest ground.


When he first entered the dream he was surprised to suddenly find himself walking upon the tranquil yet frightening surface of some foreign planet. Two large moons glowed & hung heavily in the sky, and across the alien desert lay some aged temple ruins. Something from within the temple drew him towards it, as if a siren’s silent whispers had floated by his ears through the wind... beckoning, luring, taunting him through the developing sandstorm. What could it be that is calling to me? He had to know. Somehow, it was his destiny to find out- the urge was too strong & too vivid for it not to be fate.

When he entered the temple ruins, he found himself within a massive sacred chamber of blackwater falls cascading from monumental statues of stone. Before him was a large pool of the black translucent liquid, across which he swam without a second thought… for the object luring him existed in the palms of the hands of the largest statue across the natatorium. From the pool he crawled naked, wet and shining, upon a staircase leading to the statue’s platform, where he finally caught sight of the silently whispering siren.

Within the open palms of the statue’s hands there lay a woman whose face was half-concealed by darkness, resplendent in a gown of white, lying recumbent & seductive upon a pool of red blood. Her left arm was not composed of her fair white flesh, but instead was composed of a surreal glowing blue substance, different from human flesh. Every hair on the back of his neck stood erect as he recognized the woman as the invading sorceress from Earth. So this is what was calling to me, in the depths of this hellish land.

“Who are you?!” he shouted at her. His question merely echoed throughout the temple ruins. The chamber became silent except for the sound of rushing waterfalls. Then the woman merely chuckled, and finally she moved into the light.

“You know exactly who I am. I am your messiah, come to rescue you. You’ve been waiting for me your entire life, Alexzander… You just didn’t realize it until now.” Ursula stepped out from the shadows and approached him with a slow strut. The red blood flowed inexplicably from her unstained white gown, merely dripping upon the ground about her like waterdrops down a windowpane. She folded her hands upon his shoulder and whispered into his ear, “I know exactly what you want to do to me…”

He had been still but suddenly he seized her wrists in his hands. “You have no idea what I want to do to you, Ursula. You have no idea what you’re in for…”

A fire exploded within him, and he pushed her back upon the statue’s outstretched hands into the pool of red blood, with his hands clenched firmly around her throat. Next thing he knew he was savagely fucking her, strangling her, clawing at the skin of her chest in an effort to rip out her cold black heart. He hardly knew what he was doing, but he felt demonic lust flowing through his veins for the first time ever in his life, and he could not stop. As he violated Ursula harder and harder, dark blood began to ooze from her smiling mouth, staining her white gown black. Her throat was crushing beneath his hands, yet he could tell she loved every moment of it. She is wanting me to do this, to kill her. He watched the light of existence draining from her eyes as her alien blood gushed forth from ruby red lips. And in the moment of her death, everything immediately went wrong.

Within a matter of moments an earthquake began to rumble, and the statues began to crumble. The platform cracked with a sound like thunder. The terrible sandstorm circulating like mad around the ancient temple ruins became stronger & began tearing down the temple’s walls in its swirling fury. He smelled sulfur in the air. Before he knew it Alexzander leapt into the massive blackwater pool, narrowly escaping a crushing death. But the moment he dove beneath the water, he quickly realized there were creatures swimming in the water with him… aggressive creatures which slashed at him as they swam past. He found when he resurfaced that he was no longer in the desert ruins at all, but floating in the midst of some foreign ocean. The creatures around him were mermaids, with shining black scales and the heads of insects with razor-sharp teeth. He had never seen such horrifying creatures in all of his life… he remembered the mermaids of Earth had beautiful faces and voices to match. But these mermaids screeched and howled and made such a din that Alexzander had no choice but to desperately swim away from them, although all around him was nothing but black sea with no land as far as the eye could see. He swam for what seemed like an eternity from the loudly shrieking mermaids, until he suddenly felt solid land surfacing up from beneath him. He next found himself lying prostrate on dry ground, looking up at a massive castle surrounded by dense forest & high mountains. It was the same foreign planet, but he realized that now he was looking at the home of a demon. He could almost hear Ursula’s soul shrieking from deep inside the edifice…

When he exited the nightmare, there was barely a moment’s pause between the dream and his resurfacing into reality. Alexzander awoke with a cold sweat, lying recumbent upon the forest ground- but he quickly realized he was not at all alone. There was a woman mounted on top of him, straddling his body with her powerful milky-white thighs, grinding seductively upon him with his hard sex deep inside of her, moaning with utmost pleasure.

“Wretched blackguard!” he shouted, immediately tossing her off of him. “I will kill you if you ever touch me again!”

But the woman merely chuckled, and with an insolent flick of her wrist tossed her fiery red locks into the air. Then she spoke to him, crooning with the voice of an angel & the words of a demon as she spread her legs wide apart, beckoning him to look with his eyes. “Oh, but your majesty… Is that really any way to treat your future wife?”

He threw her dress at her with nothing but utter contempt. “Cover yourself, and don’t be absurd. You will never be my wife, Farasha. You’re a murderess of children. I should have killed you when I had the chance.”

“I have changed since I’ve been exiled. I have you to thank for that, Alexzander.”

“You’re exactly the same as always. What kind of a fool do you take me for? You enjoy hurting others.”

“So do you. Don’t tell me that you have no desire to kill her.”

Alexzander rolled his eyes and sighed heavily. “I don’t know whom you’re speaking of.”

“The sorceress from the stars, of course. You should have killed her when you had the chance, as well. Murder within a dream simply doesn’t count.”

She struck a nerve. He retorted.

“Is that how you justify the deaths of your victims? Because they died writhing within their own nightmares, it doesn’t count as murder? Your rhetoric sickens me.”

“Sticks and stones, love. I can help you get rid of the sorceress forever. You have to fight power with power. Just imagine our combined power if we were to join forces against that wicked harridan! She wouldn’t stand a chance, and then we could rebuild the world in our image…”

Her hand slowly reached out to touch his face, but he forcefully slapped it away. “Whatever you’re up to, Farasha, begone from me. And take your black magic with you on your way back to Hell.”

“Very well, your grace,” she simpered and curtseyed mockingly as she slinked away from him into the forest shadows. “Your heart may be cold towards me now, but soon my fire will thaw your frozen heart. I promise you, Alexzander Infinitus, we will meet again many more times in the future before all of this is over. We will meet again sooner than you think.”

With these words she disappeared into the darkness and departed from his presence. Alexzander was left alone in the middle of the forest with the evening’s events circulating like a whirlwind through his mind. He lay upon his back and turned his gaze to the stars in an effort to compose himself as the panic of an unsettling fact flowed through his mind: the evil from the stars is destined to reveal the evil upon the Earth.

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