Ursuline Tales 01: Invasion

Date: September 4th, 2016

Ursula Magna Victoria, Empress of the Dark
from the RED planet Mars


Planet Earth, Pangaea.

A windchime filled the air with soft music and the maidens’ spinning wheels stopped turning for the day, but the air was heavy with premonition. There was dead silence in the dusk of twilight, and all was calm with the human world until the meteor hit the Temple with amazing speed & power of destruction.

The Temple itself shattered to millions of fiery pieces amongst the ground, exposing the ever-sacred Tree of Knowledge, whose holy fruit glowed violet while alive & thriving. But the meteor had now split the Tree into half, and it lay slowly dying with blackening fruit beneath a great globe-like mass of jagged extraterrestrial metal. A great many humans were fatally wounded or killed on impact. The priests and priestesses still alive from the incident scattered in all directions, as did the citizens of the vegetational City Of Eden in response to the catastrophic event. Warrior-monk crusaders dedicated to the safety of Eden were summoned to ground zero immediately. But nothing they had ever known could prepare them for what they were about to discover within the meteor’s shell.

The fiery metallic mass lay dormant for roughly an hour before a great fissure cracked its hull and, like a baby alligator emerging from within its own egg, a gigantic creature of metal emerged from the meteor. The crumbling meteor shell hitting the earth choked nearby citizens with a poisonous cloud of dust. All they could see before they died was the colossal towering mechanical beast crushing everything in its path as it breathed fire to complete its exit from the shell. Once it was free from its vessel, the mechanized monster stomped through the City Of Eden, spitting rivers of fire upon the lavish green gardens and homes of inhabitants below. For a moment the brave crusaders could do little but watch the scene in horror, as they had no sort of defense against such a thing.

Ursula Magna Victoria stood at the balustrade in the control room of her robotic weaponized mobile home, a living statue of ivory with cold and calculating eyes watching the destruction below her. She felt pleased thus far, gripping her staff tightly with her right hand, gripping it so that she could feel the lovely sensation of her knuckles becoming tight. She inhaled sharply and let all of her breath out at once, closing her eyes for but a moment. She knew she had to wait for His command. And then it came: the ineffable tingly feeling that she always felt in her left arm whenever He summoned her. She withdrew it from beneath her domino, revealing the spirit arm that had replaced her arm of flesh and bone… she could remember the pain she felt as it was ripped away from her, as if it were only minutes ago. The pain still lingered like a scorpion’s sting, and she wondered if it would ever leave her.

Don’t think such thoughts, He said to her. Pain is weakness leaving your body. You have the heart of an Empress, you cannot afford to allow pain to overcome you.

Find the human leaders and destroy them. If there are none, destroy only those who would destroy you. The rest will be doomed to slavery. Those creatures of hubris upon the Earth shall know who their rightful GOD is to be, and you as their Empress shall keep it forever etched into the memory of their hearts!!

And then the consultation was over, and He disappeared from her senses. Ursula composed herself, then placed her mask firmly upon her face, turned and left the control room, disappearing into a cloud of the deep violet fabric of her domino after commanding her right-hand woman to continue destroying the human city.

Before descending from her own mechanical beast to the ground, Ursula surveyed the devastation below her once again. She jumped from a cable, killing dozens of crusaders below as she descended from on high using her gunblade. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel, she thought, as she considered the significant advantages her advanced technology afforded her over the puny humans. But it didn’t matter one bit to her, because they should have known a day like this was going to come.

As soon as she hit the earth, every crusader alive honed in on her destruction. But she laid waste to all of them. Most of them were wearing armor, some of them were wearing masks, but as far as she could see every single human being had light-colored skin, and she knew that meant they were an enemy of her Master, The Black Beast who held her flesh-and-bone arm in escrow. She felt extreme joy as she slayed them, one by one, watching as their magnificent red blood spilled gloriously from their soft human bodies. It must have been this reason that The Beast sought to control these people, for their blood was the most beautiful ruby red in color that she had ever seen. It was like painting art, the way it sprayed from their veins upon the walls and the plants and the Earth, and Ursula’s domino. When she finally stood alone, as everyone around her was either dead or had fled away, she looked around her at what she had done, and felt proud. She looked at her mechanical monster walking off into the distance, ejecting streams of fire from its mouth. People ran around all aflame, screaming for their lives. For this, she was pleased, because she knew that He was pleased with her good work.

She had no idea that one of the crusaders in the piles of dead bodies around her, wearing full body armor and a mask, was only feigning his own death, and in fact was still quite alive & determined to kill her.

At length she returned to the site of the meteor crash. When it hit the Earth the sky was still tinged with the color of the Sun, but the battle was waged all through the night, and now it was only minutes away from sunrise. She knew that someone had followed her there, but she pretended as if she knew nothing of the sort. The Tree of Knowledge indeed was maimed beyond biological repair, and was in the process of dying an unclean death. Most of the fruit upon its boughs were either black or an extremely dark violet, withered and dead in appearance. But even as she focused deeply upon the sacred Tree, she wondered what human could possibly be either brave enough or foolish enough to confront a demon sorceress such as herself. The humans seemed to possess no leader, no alphas of the pack, yet this rogue was the only one savvy enough to approach her silently from behind. It was then that she noticed the last remaining live fruit left hanging upon the sacred Tree, as brilliant a violet sheen as the day it first blossomed into existence. She knew then that this rogue deserved a chance at becoming her ally. Ursula plucked the last good piece of fruit from the branches of the dying Tree, and removed the mask from her face. Her burgundy eyes glowed with amber haze as she gazed upon its luminescent flesh, and then she took a bite. It tasted exactly like blood. As daylight broke across the horizon the rogue crusader drew closer behind her, and she could feel the tense confidence surging through their veins as she swallowed the fruit into her body. The distance between them grew shorter, and right before she felt the rogue was ready to strike her down Ursula turned around to face them squarely with eyes like the beauty of death. In earnest she held out her hand of flesh containing the fruit as an offering to the stranger. The crusader, fully masked, appeared to be paralyzed by confusion, stopping in their tracks immediately yet unwilling or unable to retreat. Ursula smiled, and something like a wicked little laugh escaped her lips. Then she spoke.

“I am Ursula Magna Victoria. I am here to invade your planet and rule as Empress, for the eternal honor of my Master Who darkens all things, The Black Beast!”

For a moment there was silence between them, then the stranger actually softened their stance. Ursula felt pleased, as she thought that perhaps this human could be useful to her if she could manipulate their fear in a favorable manner. It was not until the crusader removed their armored mask that she felt the first pang of defeat since she arrived on the planet. Her blood grew cold and froze within her veins as the crusader revealed a radically distinct skin color different than every other human she had encountered. The rogue crusader’s skin was black as ebony, as if he himself were The Black Beast in a human form. Confusion stormed in Ursula’s eyes and her hand trembled uncontrollably, so much so that the sacred fruit fell from her grasp and rolled in the direction of the dark human stranger. She could not take her eyes off of him, nor did he tear his dark eyes away from her gaze as he stooped slowly to pick up the sacred fruit from the ground. He stood erect and examined the fruit, taking a bite of it from the unbroken opposite side. Blood-red juice dripped from the corner of his mouth, and then he spoke.

“Your invasion is most impressive, Ursula. I honestly had not imagined you being a woman. Then again, I am sure you hadn’t imagined meeting the only black man on Earth.”

It didn’t seem possible. How could she meet, in the race of beings she was destined to destroy, the one human being that so deeply resembles her Lord and Master? A man with black skin who was not created by The Black Beast? I should have known a day like this was going to come. She felt a tingling in her spirit-arm, and a command came to her senses. Do not kill this man. Dominate him, no matter the cost.

And then, she felt pure rage.

“I am no mere woman!” she growled, lunging at her would-be attacker with her spirit-arm fully extended. A human had no chance against her with it wrapped tightly around their body like a boa constrictor; merely touching her spirit-arm could induce great misery in even the strongest of men. She wanted so badly to kill him, to pretend that she didn’t get the message from The Beast, because she knew in the pit of her heart that this man meant trouble for her. She knew this because she had only just met him, and yet, she was in love with him. She could not kill him, because she had fallen in love with the only human on the planet with black skin.

She didn’t know then that he was in love with her, too. That was why he could not bring himself to kill her, even though she was responsible for the ruin of his beloved Eden. He knew in the pit of his heart that this woman meant trouble for him.

Consumed with cognitive dissonance, Ursula let out a low, gutteral sound that increased with volume and intensity until it became a growl akin to a tiger’s. All at once her spirit-arm loosened its grip upon her new nemesis, and his body dropped heavily to the ground. She retreated at once into a violet storm of mist, leaving only the echo of unholy screeching in her wake. Her cloud returned to the giant mechanized beast, which then slinked away into the sea and disappeared deep beneath the surface, leaving a deadly maelstrom in its wake which ultimately lasted for three days. The rogue crusader watched as the beast grew smaller and smaller in the distance, the only thing he could focus upon besides his labored breathing and painfully throbbing body.

He had never seen such incredibly destructive power in all his life, nor so much ire and sadness embodied in so beautiful a stranger as the sorceress from whom he had barely escaped alive. But he didn’t escape at all, she spared his life, and his life only, and he knew it very well. A handful of citizens came to his aid, including another masked crusader who had witnessed his exchange between Ursula. The people chattered excitedly and were amazed, not only because this man with the black skin had been spared, but because of him everybody gained reprieve from the conqueror’s destruction. A doctor was summoned to his side immediately, who concluded that this brave warrior-monk was indeed quite fortunate to be alive. His body, as it was revealed, was quite strong and resilient, although it had sustained internal damage as a result of coming into contact with the sorceress’ demonic appendage. Nevertheless, in spite of the doctor’s warnings, the man insisted upon standing up with honor, and pulled himself up to his own feet. When asked for his name, he paused momentarily, as if considering it a secret he might not want to divulge. He stood like a statue staring off into the morning horizon, at the maelstrom swirling in the sea, and then he answered: “I am Alexzander Infinitus. I swear I will never rest in peace until the demon sorceress from the stars is forever destroyed.”

The gathering crowd regarded him with the utmost reverence, speaking with honor of the black man who had saved them all. Some remained suspicious of the shadow-man, but most were practically worshipping him. Women sighed wistfully and longed to touch his skin, which now seemed imbued with magic in their eyes. At length an elderly member of the clergy stepped forth from the crowd of people and signalled for everyone’s immediate attention. “Everything we have once known has now changed. We have never known leaders, but now we must fight shadows with shadows. This man shall become our king!!"

The aged man removed an ornament from his headdress which revealed itself to be a holy bronze torc. Alexzander bowed, allowing the priest to place the ancient neck ring about his throat and fasten it into place. Beside him stood the masked crusader that had come to his aid, who now spoke in honor of the new ruler: “Citizens of Eden, you now have your king… Alexzander Infinitus!”

Everyone bowed in reverence to the shadow-man they had once feared. He stood motionless and stoic as he accepted his new responsibility, thinking of all those lost in the meteor crash and the families they left behind. But he could not rid the vibrant memory of the beautiful sorceress from his mind. I will see you again, Ursula. But I promise that next time, I will be ready for you.

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